Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Cherry Cherry

No, not the Neil Diamond song.
It's a cherry tree, I think.

Whilst out walking the dog, I noticed this tree in the distance, in full flower. Yes, I know, it's early March. So I decided to investigate further, much to my dog's annoyance I must add. You see, he wanted to go in the opposite direction, and it was his walk after all.

But it was a nice sunny day, so we got a bit closer, and Joey decided to pull on the lead every time I tried to take a picture. It was his walk after all.

And then we got up really close. Joey was sniffing around under the tree by this time, so I was allowed to take a photo. It was his walk after all.

And in conclusion, I think it is a wild cherry, or Prunus avium, but I could be wrong. I did notice that the cultivated cherry trees by the roadside were all in bud, and their leaves were just showing too. I'm sure these trees normally flower in April. Looks like spring is coming early this year.


  1. Widzę pierwsze kwitnące drzewo owocowe w tym roku i to całe w pięknych białych kwiatkach, dziękuję. Pozdrawiam. *** I see the first flowering fruit tree this year and that is all in the beautiful white flowers, thank you. Yours.

  2. Beautiful! The cherry trees here are in bud and the pear trees are blooming. It is so lovely to watch the slow and lovely transition to spring as flowers begin to bloom.

  3. Ah... cherry trees in blossom are quite special aren't they? Great close-up, Crystal :-)

  4. I love it when the blossom appears on trees - that one is very early a good sign of things to come

  5. We have native red bud trees in bloom here, which is quite early and my cherry tree's buds are swelling. Your white tree looks like a pear tree to me. It looks like a lot of us are getting a bit of extra spring. It gives me more time to get my garden ready for summer. :o)