Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Honesty Is The Best Policy

And a lovely plant too.

This is Lunaria annua, commonly known as Honesty, so named because of its transparent seed heads. Definitely a plant before its time. I mean, it was named using current buzz word 'transparency'. I hate buzz words by the way, avoid them like the plague. When I went for job interviews, where you scored points for using them, I would go all around the houses to make sure I didn't say one. Usually resulted in the interviewer saying the word instead, out of sheer frustration I suppose.

Anyway, back to the plant. This was originally planted by Nature in my garden. One of these days I will feature something I've planted, honest. I do help a little with this one though. The seeds are very easy to collect, so I scatter them where I want them to grow.

The reason I've featured this plant today is because of the weather. Today we have had the heaviest April snowfall for thirty years. I remember the first time I had scattered honesty seed. I had plants about three foot tall in full bloom when the April snow came. All the plants were bent over by the weight of the snow. And when the snow melted, they grew upwards again, but they didn't straighten up first. Believe me, 'S' shaped honesty plants do not make a very nice display. Fortunately, this year, despite last week's lovely weather, only a few honesty plants are in bloom at the moment, and they're not very tall, so today's snow has not damaged them.

Today is also 48 hours before the full moon. Obviously the exception that proves the rule, because the weather was dreadful, not suitable for planting at all. Maybe it has something to do with the full moon occurring on Good Friday, which is traditionally not a good day for planting.

And finally, a bit of bad news about the blue tits; they've got squatters. Yes, a bumble bee has moved into their nest box. They are not very happy, as you can imagine, but they haven't deserted the garden just yet.


  1. You've reminded me that we had Honesty in the garden when we moved here and thinking about it I've not seen it for years. Forgot how special & unusual it is. Off to seek seeds x

  2. I love self-seeders and where they choose to pop up. My honesty is no where near ready yet - but I do welcome it - when it decides to flower for me.

  3. I really like the honesty as well and have a growing population in the garden. They're great self seeders and easy to remove if in the wrong place. The seed heads are great too! Northern Ireland had icy slush and hail on Sunday but no snow.

  4. Crystal, I found your blog via my 'blogpal' Jane's gardening blog. I've quickly read a few of your posts and not only do they make me smile, but as a first-time bulb planter I am learning here too! I'd better not mention that I've lived in my little old home for 23yrs and my mom's always done my pots/baskets for me - shock/horror. No, I won't mention that bit. I'm following your blog and will be back later to read more. Maybe you might like to see photos of my amateur efforts on my blog under the 'Just call me Mrs T' heading? All comments gratefully appreciated.
    Ellie Maggie x

  5. Pretty plant. Sorry to hear about the snow! But I'm glad your honesty plants won't be affected by it.

  6. Wonderful plant I am unfamiliar with...too bad about the snow...

  7. Snow. UGH. We are having normal spring weather. Cool morning and nights and sunny, warm days. The sun doesn't usually shine this early in the year so I'm thankful. I refuse to use the 'opportunity'. That was a buzz word where I worked. I'm glad to be home in the garden.

  8. Mam nadzieję, że pogoda już jest lepsza i nic nie grozi Twoim kwiatom. Pozdrawiam.
    I hope now that the weather is better and there is no danger of your flowers. Yours.