Thursday, 15 November 2012

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - November 2012

After my last post, peering into my neighbours' gardens,
Thought I'd better get back into my own garden and see what's in flower this month.
Not a lot:

Antirrhinum majus Madame Butterfly, bought as small plug plants this spring. They struggled all summer to reach flowering size, and this is the first one to bloom. I'm hoping they'll survive the winter and provide a good spring display.

Pansy Colossal, bought for next year's spring display, but producing a few flowers already.

Geranium Sybil Pink, a trailer, still flowering in the hanging baskets.

Lobelia erinus Superstar, not done very well this year. Largely my fault, I didn't plant it out in time, and it got a bit pot bound. Oh alright then, it got very pot bound.

Fuchsia, I don't know which variety, but it's growing in the border, and has survived the two recent severe winters, so it is very hardy.

Viola Penny, also purchased for next spring's display, but putting on a superb display already. Hope they don't burn themselves out before next year.

And finally, I've cheated a little. With so little in flower in the garden, here's a bromeliad flowering indoors.

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting this meme. If you want to see what's in bloom around the world right now, why not pop over to Carol's blog.


  1. Masz jeszcze na coś kolorowego patrzeć w swoim ogrodzie. U mnie niestety już tego nie ma. Pozdrawiam.
    You still have to look for something colorful in your garden. For me, unfortunately, is not. Yours.

  2. Beautiful blooms. Many of my blooms have faded now that the cold has set in. Happy GBBD!

  3. Those are some lovely bloom...I especially like 'Sybil Pink'...very pretty!

  4. What would we do without primroses, pansies and violas through the winter? I bought 130 as plug plants in August, delivery wasn't until last week of September. Potted them on and are still waiting for some sign of buds. Don't think they will do anything at all until spring - and I bought them to have some flowers during the winter. Think I need to buy something else for the winter!
    Your Antirrhinum majus looks lovely, a plant I have never grown.

  5. Any color is appreciated this time of year. No outdoor flowers are in bloom here. This is the time of year to look at the structure of the garden.

  6. Hi Crystal,

    Ah, good old annuals! Pretty much all that's left here too now! Lobelia, Viola and the odd other thing. In the borders I have two Rudbekia blooms and the never ending Erysimum in bloom. I bought a pretty little Viola basket for the front to replace the summer one that was looking less than happy.

    Although today I spotted my first spring bulb appearing!