Saturday, 2 February 2013

In The Shadows

Although, actually it wasn't.
I'll explain later.

The snow has only been gone a week, and look what I've got, flowers. Yippee. These are spring-flowering pansies that have been blooming since I planted them in the autumn. For the last two weeks they've been under a 6 inch blanket of snow, but don't seem any worse for wear. And the bulbs planted in there have sprung up too.

Last weekend's bird watch went better than I expected. We had a winter wonderland on Saturday after another dollop (technical term) of snow. Hardly any birds that day, but Sunday, after a deluge of rain, snow all gone and along came the birds. I'd put out plenty of food for them, especially on the bird table, but they were a bit reluctant to go on there. Can't imagine why.

Now back to that shadow thing. Today is Groundhog Day in the U.S. or in Punxsutawney to be precise, when a Groundhog called Phil ( I know, I'm not making this up, you know) comes out of hibernation. He didn't see a shadow today, which apparently means an early spring, in the U.S. at any rate. Obviously a very scientifically proven legend. I'd like to see Professor Brian Cox explain that one.

Meanwhile, over here in the much more subdued UK, we have a legend too. Well we would, wouldn't we?  Ours is called Candlemas Day, and we get a little poem to go with it:

"If Candlemas be fair and bright,
Winter will have another flight,
But if Candlemas Day be clouds and rain,
Winter is gone and will not come again."

So today has been bright and sunny. Marvellous. And the weather forecasters are predicting Arctic winds and snow next week. I think I prefer the groundhog.


  1. Miło już zobaczyć bratki . Nie masz w karmniku ptaszków, ale masz śliczną wiewiórkę. Pozdrawiam.
    It's nice now to see pansies. You do not have to karmniku birds, but you're pretty squirrel. Yours.

  2. It does sound made up and we found it amusing in my very warm hometown that cold, cloudy Pennsylvania would have anything to do with our weather. We are warm and sunny in San Antonio today but we will have a few more chilly days before it gets hot.

    Glad the birdcount went well and you did get some birds. That is a squirrel feeder now isn't it?

  3. Yes, I remember the movie!
    Didn't know the Candlemas poem Chrystal, up here in Edinburgh it was neither - so the jury is obviously still out!
    That technical term of dollop just about covers everything from Mash Potato to snow it seems :)

  4. Glad to hear your bird watch went well, can’t say the same here, even though I have invested in some suet balls and sunflower seeds to attract more birds. Yesterday was a bit of both in terms of the weather here in London so not sure how to interpret that –but we are certainly getting colder weather. Ugh. I am ready for spring now and so is my garden!

  5. Your display looks really pretty. Pansies and Violas look so cheerful in the depths of Winter...not that they don't in Summer too.

    Great photo of the new bird on your table ;-)

  6. Candlemas! well maybe the forecasters have got it wrong. Your Spring flowers are looking happier than ours, that's for sure. We also have a squirrel who is fond of the bird table, great shot!

  7. Your pansies look lovely. There's a US film called 'Grouondhog Day' that has a Punxsutawney Phil event within the film. It's quite a good film.

  8. At least the squirrel posed for a cute photo.

  9. I'd like to hear Professor Cox explain it too - not least because of his lilting, sleep-inducing voice. That way, we could fall asleep until the weather warms up.

    Those pansies have done very well!

  10. That is one healthy squirrel!