Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - May 2013

Here we are again with a real hotchpotch of things in bloom today:

Starting off with Doronicum Little Leo, a dwarf variety that does a brilliant impression of a dandelion, but it is not a dandelion. Honestly!

Speaking of Honesty, the garden is absolutely full of them at the moment. Lunaria annua is a self-seeded biennial that requires no help from me whatsoever. Seeds itself wherever it's happy.

Dicentra Luxuriant, a slow growing perennial.

Berberis darwinii, a self-sown evergreen shrub. Don't be confused by the foliage, that's a clematis growing through it.

And now on to some food, this is Apple Bolero, a Ballerina variety that was pruned heavily during the winter, but seems none the worse for it.

Strawberry Toscana, a red flowered variety, and it tastes nice too.

Apple Red Valentine, now flowering for the third time. Wonder if I'll get any fruit from it this year.

And this is where I cheat a little; young plants of Mimulus Magic, nearly ready for my summer baskets. Well they are flowering, albeit in the greenhouse.

Young plants of French Marigold Bonanza, also destined for the summer baskets.

If you want to see what is in bloom around the world today, why not pop over to May Dreams Gardens where Carol is hosting this meme.

And finally, on a totally unrelated topic, our local TV weather forecaster said today that he hadn't got a clue what the weather was going to do on Friday or this weekend. Now that is the most accurate weather forecast I've heard in a long time.


  1. I think you have quite an honest Weather forecaster there Crystal.
    Your apple blossoms are lovely. I'm currently looking into trees that blossom in spring with a view to plant in Autumn. I like the colour of your red Valentine. I'm off now to do a bit of research on it. Happy GBBD!

  2. Your pink strawberry flowers are so lovely! I remember seeing them last year, I think it was on your blog. I don't grow strawberries anymore, I gave away all my strawberry plants, 25 in total, I have too much shade, and too many plants competing for the sunny spot. But I'd love to have one plant just to have those pink flowers :-)

  3. Such great spring blooms...I'm such a sucker for Lunaria...such a great, charming plant!

  4. That's quite a bit of preparation for summer baskets. They are going to look spectacular - looks like you've got enough plants to fill several.

  5. Lol at the weather forecast, when do they ever know what's going to happen! I'm going to have to search out that strawberry variety for my beds. I have six of them choc full of strawberries, and would love to have some pink flowers mixed in with the white.

  6. That's the most accurate forecast ever! Your greenhouse looks to be a great success with those annuals growing so well. Your summer baskets will be beautiful. :o)

  7. Some lovely plants. I'm trying to grow marigold and calendula from seed but they're growing very slow so I may end up buying some plants as I do love them in the garden.

  8. flowering strawbs' beeeeeautiful x

  9. Oh I just love those Doronicum...what amazing flowers. One of ours is still flowering its head off and it's July on Monday!!!
    Daffs, tulips, hyacinths, iris' bluebells...been & gawn...the Doronicum just keeps going.:-)