Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Charmed I'm Sure

Yes really.
Let me explain:

We have had a flock, or should I say a charm of about 30 or 40 goldfinches in the area for quite a while now. And occasionally, I have been lucky enough to have the charm visit the garden to feed. But for the last few days they have been arriving at dusk. They land in the hawthorn tree, (that's some of them in the photo above), and then they move down into the holly tree. And do you know what they do next ?  They go to sleep.

Yes they do. They come here to roost. It's like having a little pot of gold at the bottom of the garden every night. It must be too cold for them at the moment in the nearby woods, so they have come here instead. I feel really honoured that they have chosen my garden. They make a lot of noise as they are settling down in the evening, but their departure in the morning is virtually silent.

By the way, if you're enjoying the later sunsets, here's a saying to put a damper on it:

'As the days lengthen,
So the cold strengthens.'

And I have to say, that is certainly true this year.


  1. Tku for leaving a comment on sanctuary.

    A charm roosting, now that is special.
    Goldfinch are regular visitors to my garden but I have never known them to stay the night:)

    Long may they charm you.....

  2. They are indeed charming, we have them here but I've never seen them roost. Lovely visitors to your garden.

    This is typically our coldest week too, it's not nearly as cold this year as last.

  3. I was going to say exactly the same as Cheryl

  4. What a treat during this winter months. See your plants do well makes a gardener feel good, but to also provide a safe haven for local wildlife would make this gardener feel absolutely fabulous.

  5. How pretty they are! And how nice that your garden supplies exactly what they're looking for as a safe retreat.

  6. I just love Goldfinches. We had a spell of them visiting on a daily basis last year along with a bunch of starlings. Hope they return this year...such beautiful birds x

  7. I would take this as a charming omen. Truly, a gift of nature!

  8. Those are really pretty birds! A cup of coffee and bird watching - great way to start the day!

  9. Chyba się cieszysz, że w Twoim ogrodzie jest sypialnia dla ptaków :-). Pozdrawiam.*** I must be happy that your garden is a bedroom for the birds :-). Yours.

  10. I have goldfinches visit my thistle seed feeder every day but I've never seen 30 to 40 of them!! Lucky, lucky you!!

  11. Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I am so pleased to have found you :-)

    I always think 'Charm' is such a delightful description. I have lots visit my garden too but have never been aware of them roosting, what a treat! I love your phrase 'little pot of gold', very appropriate, I think.

    Indeed, the folklore saying is very apt, we had snow here again overnight!