Friday, 18 November 2011

Pigeon Hole

Well, not so much a hole.
More of a perch, really.

Our hawthorn tree attracted five wood pigeons yesterday in that glorious, sunny weather. The tree is very popular with wood pigeons. Last year, they built a nest and produced two broods. This year they built another nest quite late, but still managed to raise two chicks. I always wondered why you never see little, baby pigeons. You know, like you do with ducks and ducklings. Well, last year I found out why. They don't leave the nest until they are fully grown, and even then, they don't stray far from the nest for a week or so. What distinguishes them most from adult birds are their thin, hook-shaped beaks.

Another mild day today, but rather cloudy. So the first two weeks of November are over. Nature has built up quite a debt, and the picture of the first half of winter is beginning to take shape. Such as very cold, very wet, and very windy. On the plus side, we should get quite a bit of sunshine between the showers. A lot of forecasters are predicting a bad winter, but not as bad as last year they say. Of course not, just colder and wetter, maybe ?

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