Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Take A Bow

A Tafetta Bow to be precise.

This is Fuchsia Tafetta Bow blooming at the end of November. It is a tender variety, hybridized in the U.S.A. and introduced in 1974. I purchased it for the first time this year and grew it in a hanging basket. Thanks to the poor summer, it has only recently started flowering. The first severe frosts will not only put an end to the display, but will also kill the plant unless it is brought indoors. I have grown fuchsias for many years, and to be honest, I don't think it's worth going to all the trouble of trying to overwinter them. Much better to buy new young plants next spring. If you have fuchsias that you really want to keep for another year, then bring them indoors into the warmth. They won't survive in a cold greenhouse or porch, not this winter anyway.

Been a bit nippy today, too cold for gardening. Glad I planted my new rose bushes the other day. The recent rain has given them a good watering in, and more rain is forecast for the weekend. I must admit I'm a great believer in working with nature. Much better to have plants watered in by rainfall than by a bucket of water in a dry spell.

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