Saturday, 3 December 2011

Some Like It Hot

Especially on a cold, wet and windy day like today.

This is Salvia microphylla Hot Lips. Where do they get the names from ?  Apparently, it was discovered in Mexico, growing outside the rooms of a deeply spiritual maid. I bet she was well impressed when they named the plant 'Hot Lips'. I purchased this plant from  Hayloft Plants a couple of years ago. It spent last winter in a cold greenhouse, and I will be putting it back in there in the next few days because it is a half-hardy perennial.

Noticed a number of rainbows this morning whilst I was out walking the dog. Reminded me of the old saying:

"A rainbow at night,
Fair weather in sight.
A rainbow at morn,
Fair weather all gone."

How true it was, as the day wore on, it just got wetter and wetter.


  1. And then there was the Ronnie James Dio song, "Rainbow In The Dark"...
    I grow a lot of hot lips salvia... It roots easily and in my garden spreads out in 6 foot wide clumps that attract humming birds and butterflies.
    In the UK, this plant should be winter hardy... It does fine in my zone 8 garden.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I've got 2 plants in pots, so I shall plant one of them in the garden in late spring and see how it copes. Sadly it won't be attracting any humming birds, we don't have them, but we do have butterflies.