Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Something To Crow About

Or a right carrion.
Geddit ?

We had two crows in the hawthorn tree today, taking a lot of interest in a partially built magpie nest. The magpies were nearby but kept their distance. With no eggs or young in the nest, there was no need for them to protect it, not yet anyway. And here's a saying about crows that I found on the internet:

"Expect the weather to be fair,
When crows fly in pairs."

There was me thinking that they were flying in pairs because they were in love. Must admit "let's go out together because it's a nice day" isn't the most romantic chat-up line I've heard, but then again, I've heard worse. Oh, and the weather; it wasn't too bad I suppose, quite a bit of sunshine and no rain.

Did a bit of time travelling in my Tardis yesterday; the clock in my car is still on British Summer Time. And just to enrich the experience, so is my watch. There's nothing quite like arriving at your destination before you've set off. Warning !  Don't try this if you've got an appointment. It can get rather confusing.

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