Tuesday, 6 December 2011

No Flies On Me

As long as I stay indoors that is.

Look at this; a cloud of midges flying above the privet hedge. Don't they know it's December ?
And where were all the birds ? Ah well, they were all on the feeders, because there's no point in looking for insects in December, is there ?

Noticed a halo around the moon tonight, which links nicely to this saying:

"If a circle forms around the moon,
It will rain soon."

We shall see. Whilst on the subject of the moon, there will be a full moon on Saturday. According to the lunar calendar, 48 hours before the full moon is the ideal time to plant. Well it is if you like planting in the rain, because that's what the weather forecasters are predicting for Thursday. If you do have anything to plant, don't do it this weekend. There is a lunar eclipse on Saturday, so it will not be a good time to do any gardening.

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