Friday, 13 January 2012

Another Fine Mess

I think it looks quite nice myself.

This is Fuchsia Eton Mess, and it's flowering outside in January. I know, it's getting a bit silly now. Although, the weather forecasters are predicting heavy frosts over the next few days, so that should put an end to these out of season displays.

I've had a change of heart, like you do, it's a woman's prerogative you know. I've decided to move the fuchsia basket under cover after all. I've made room for it in the greenhouse, and the plants now have a 50/50 chance of survival.

Today is the feast of St Hilary which, according to legend, is often the coldest day of the year. Coldest day of the week maybe, but I think we will have colder days than today before the winter is out. There is, however, a more reliable saying:

"If the birds begin to sing in January,
Frosts are on the way."

Well, the sparrows have been making such a lot of noise in the garden over the last few days, so it looks like those predicted frosts are coming.


  1. Never heard that saying. :( A beautiful out-of-season bloom! Glad you have decided to put it under cover. I hope it makes it.

    1. Looks like I got the fuchsias under cover just in time. We've had frosts all day today.

  2. I love Eton Mess! Both the dessert and this fuchsia :-)
    Seems like I will need to get myself yet another fuchsia this spring! Incidentally, my Fuchsia Pink marshmallow is still flowering, outside, in a shady bed. I don't intend to take it inside, my Bella Rosella is 7 years old and has survived with no protection so I hope this newcommer will survive in my London garden too :-)

  3. I have a fuschia in the cold frame (don't know its name) but at the moment it is surviving. I think they are a very feminine plant but not to everyone's liking.

  4. Dobrze zrobiłaś, że go dałaś w cieplejsze miejsce, jest za ładny żeby zmarzł :-). Dziękuję za rewizytę. Będę do Ciebie zaglądać i mam nadzieję, ze Ty też.Pozdrawiam. *** Well done, that it gave a warmer place, that is too cute :-) froze. Thank you for your return visit. I'll look to you and I hope with you too. Yours.

  5. That fuschia is beautiful! Why would anyone name a flower a 'mess'? That saying seems wise. I have a feeling that Feb will be nasty enough to make up for January's easiness.

  6. I make the dessert often. It's very handy when the meringue collapses.. I've never been into fuschias but that one is very pretty. I like the sentiments of your blog's sub heading!