Thursday, 5 January 2012

Blowing In The Wind, The Sequel

A little bit breezier today.

Now this is weird. Looks like the fairies had a New Year party, and forgot to put the furniture away afterwards. Makes me really annoyed. I mean, where was my invite ?  Must have got lost in the post.

These toadstools are growing in a hanging basket containing strawberry plants. The compost they are growing in is a peat-free organic mix, which probably explains how the spores got in there. Never experienced this in a hanging basket before though.

Oh, and the wind ? Well, would you believe a 93mph. gust was recorded in the hills north west of Sheffield. Now that's a little bit too close for comfort.


  1. I can just imagine a little party going on there. I've experienced this in bought soil, too. 93mph gusts!? Wow - that's scary!

  2. The wind has been truly awful - I originally come from Sheffield and have an uncle who still lives there. Whenever we have bad weather here in Leics. they have always had it worse in Sheffield. That fungi looks like Blewitts - do they have a bluish stalk?