Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Blowing In The Wind

A little bit breezy today.

This is Achillea millefolium Lilac Beauty, a short-lived hardy perennial that flowers between May and October. So what is it doing flowering in January ?  I bought it five years ago as a young plant. So how short is short-lived then ?
Achillea plants were named in honour of Achilles who, according to Greek mythology, used the plant to heal the wounds of his soldiers after the siege of Troy.

Well, what a windy day it has been. Not been as windy here as other parts of the UK, but we have had gusts of 60mph. Nature will insist on paying her debts in full. Lest we forget, November was very, very calm.


  1. I wonder if we will have an early spring. It has been quite mild here, too, and I'm worried about things popping up before they should. I keep thinking winter will rear its ugly head late January or February. Enjoy your achillea - it's very pretty!

  2. Hi there - just found your blog on Blotanical - look forward to reading more of your posts

  3. Your yarrow (achillea) is beautiful! I had no idea they were short lived. Mine didn't get the memo and are still a bit green all winter. :o)

  4. 60mph! Geez...that's gale force winds out on an ocean. Hope you did not have many leaves around.
    Beautiful story and plant.

  5. Oh my! I just noticed I'm on your blog favorites list! What an honor. That made my day.
    :0) David

  6. I was attempting to shoot yarrow at christmas. I got lots of pics, but none I could post. Congrats on getting the shot.

  7. Hi Crystal, you left a comment on my blog and I wanted to come over and check out yours! I am happy to see that you are in the UK! I am such a big fan of England, its gardens, and gardeners :-)! Achillea millefolium Lilac Beauty is a new plant to me. It is very beautiful, thanks for featuring it! Sometimes plants have their own minds and don't obey the rules. I like them even more for that :-)!