Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

To one and all.

This is Nemesia fruticans Nesia White Shell. That just rolls off the tongue doesn't it ? There are two types of nemesia; annuals that flower for a few weeks in summer, and tender perennials that flower from spring until late autumn. Hang on a minute. I think that calendar I've just hung up must be broken, it says January. Yes, it's flowering in January. It's planted in a wall basket,  a North facing wall basket at that. If it survives the winter, I'll treat it to a larger pot of it's own.

Several years ago, I grew a perennial nemesia in a 10 inch pot, along with a few other bedding plants. The nemesia survived the winter, but all the other plants in the pot had died. It started flowering in April, and having a 10 inch pot to itself put on a marvellous display all spring, summer and autumn. Don't think it flowered in January though. Still can't have everything I suppose.


  1. Isn't it wonderful to find a surprise like that in the garden? How lovely! Happy New Year!

  2. hello welcome Blotanical,

    Un saludo