Sunday, 22 January 2012

How Very Prim And Proper

It's primrose time !

This is Primula Rosebud purchased a year ago, and now blooming again in its second spring. I know it's the middle of winter, but the primroses think it's spring, and who knows, maybe they're right.

And these are Primula Fruelo, purchased last July from Brookside Nursery. I hadn't used this nursery before. Their prices were a lot cheaper than all the other companies selling this variety, so I decided to give them a try. The plants arrived on time; I liked the way you could select the week you wanted them to be delivered. I opened the package, and despite my initial concerns that the plants were not in mini greenhouses like most plug plants are these days, I was very impressed with the condition of the plants. They had survived the journey unscathed, and were all of uniform size, ready for potting on.

Primula Fruelo are sweetly scented perennials, apparently. I wouldn't know, as I have no sense of smell. They have massive blooms up to 3 inches across. Mine are half that size at the moment, but they are still young plants, and these are the first blooms to open. When they get more established, and we reach their flowering period of February to April, they should be putting on a really good display.


  1. Ja tez bym była zadowolona, że pierwiosnkowi mylą się pory roku. Niech kwitnie cały czas :-). Pozdrawiam. *** I'd also be pleased that they are wrong pierwiosnkowi season. Let the blooms all the time :-). Yours.

  2. Love that rosebud primrose! I think all the plants are thinking it's spring. I hope they're right!

  3. That Primula Rosebud is just gorgeous! I want one too!! Lovely photos, thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Primula Rosebud is beautiful, wow! I will have to look for that one here. I haven't grown them much, but will give it a try next year as we are close to the end of cool weather season here.

  5. Primrose are such great plants. Something is eating on mine but I still enjoy them. The white primrose looks like a rose the flowers are so big! Wow!

  6. Hello Crystal, thanks for popping by my blog today :-)

    I love that rosebud primula - it looks a fun one to make out of fondant too. I'm a fan of native primroses and enjoy them seeding slowly around my garden. Enjoy your new arrivals - they do look in great condition :-)